Core Services – Insight

Insight | Research and Analysis

Our B2B market research and insight-generating skills are first class:

  • Primary research, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Secondary analysis, using public domain data
  • New product development assistance, a specialty of ours

To illustrate the depth of our experience and knowledge in market research we’ll use the example of our work in business and general aviation, as it is quite extensive. The methodologies, however, work in virtually all B2B verticals as can be seen in our many case histories that involved market research as a key component.

We’ve conducted primary research for business and general aviation clients in which we’ve investigated the thoughts, opinions and attitudes of more than 1,400 (current total count) aircraft owners, chief pilots, and aviation department managers, including aviation company executives, middle managers, sales forces and line/production workers. If you need to know what your customers, employees or suppliers think, we know how to get the information you need.

Clients have used our research to –

  • Help make design decisions for new aircraft
  • Understand how FBO customers rate current service performance, and how to improve for the future
  • Pick the advertising campaign concept that does the best job of speaking to mission fit, value perception and purchase consideration
  • Identify the strongest product positioning (Sales Proposition) versus competition
  • Choose the most important attributes for a new avionics data display
  • Understand brand awareness and equity, and analyze ways to improve lower-than-you’d like ratings of same

Our most-used data collection tools are one-on-one interviews: either in-person, via phone, or in a group setting (focus group); and on-line surveys; we recommend the data collection method that would be best suited for your information needs. Our studies are designed after consulting with you on your key information needs, and we deliver both written and oral reports/presentations.

Market analysis – we have conducted secondary research and analysis for business aviation companies including airframe and engine OEMs, FBOs and aftermarket service companies. Analyses include ongoing industry tracking metrics to help companies keep abreast of competitive landscape and trends in the marketplace to alert users of coming change. For example:

  • Fleet utilization trends (macro and micro views)
  • Used aircraft fleet statistics
  • Pricing
  • Economic indicators
  • Regulatory topics of relevance

New product development: evaluation and value assessment – introducing new and improved products to stay competitive is a critical need for any business.

But before bringing a final product to market it is almost as critical for you to test the new product concept at an early stage to make sure the product is “right” and that the customer sees clear value before making final production (time and financial) commitments:

We structure a testable product scenario in which we evaluate your concept versus your current products, current competitive products and possible future products

We can evaluate different attribute configurations – versus competitors’ products – at different price points to see which “mix” gives the best expected share of market

As this is a specialized case of market research, we use tools such as one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and special statistical tools such as conjoint analysis; again, the recommended tool will be one that best fits your specific situation