Core Services – Marketing Communications

Advertising and Brand Communications

Brand communication – clients often come to us with “there have been changes in where and/or how we do business, and we think we may need to change our company’s (or key product’s) name to better match up with the reality of those changes.” They may desire help in designing a new logo, theme line or communications style guide to govern the use of the new name, logo and advertising tools.

Or a client may in fact need a complete advertising and promotion program, from email marketing, other digital and print to a trade show plan, media plan and full budget with spend rationale/justification.  For such a systematic and comprehensive program we also offer metrics, program tracking and ROI calculations.

We couple this brand communication and design work (naming; theme line; logo; communication style guides, full advertising programs) with our Total Brand Review – you can’t do exceptional communications, design or advertising work without the right strategy.