Core Services – Positioning

Positioning | Total Brand Review

This is our brand strategy and product sales proposition audit, analysis and development module: it is usually the first work that we do for new clients, and serves as the cornerstone – proper positioning – for marketing and sales success.

Our process is to dive deep into a client’s business, culture, products/services, customer base, competitive set and its business, revenue growth and sales goals.  To do this we conduct in-depth discussions with the client principals/management, other representative employees at all levels, and selected customers and prospects.

Your brand and what it stands for – the way it is positioned in the customer’s mind – and the sales propositions for what you sell, whether products or services, must be “right” for your customers and prospects. They must have crystal clarity, direct relevance, and leave your prospect wanting to know more (generate purchase interest). 

They must be predicated on a superior, differentiated position versus your key competitors.

You must have a clear idea of where your Brand (that’s with a capital B) is today, and where you want it to be 3 to 5 years from now (what we call your Brand Position Objective).

Your Marketing effort and your Sales effort must be in sync to support this Brand Position Objective.

Our Total Brand Review is the process through which we assess your current brand situation, your sales propositions, your customer communications (advertising and promotion), and how well they are integrated with your Marketing and Sales structures.

The assessment is the first phase; the second phase is our guidance for the future.