Premier Health

  • Market Research
  • Brand and Marketing Recommendations
  • Name Evolution Strategy and Recommendation

Premier Health, a mid-size health system headquartered in Dayton, with additional hospitals in Middletown, Centerville, Troy and Englewood, Ohio, met the “new world” of the Affordable Care Act head-on.

Retained by Premier Health, we helped it understands its shareholders perspective on the healthcare environment through extensive one-on-one interviews with the system’s executive staff, board members, individual hospital management, and key medical staff. And extensive consumer focus groups held in all of the markets the system operated in.

As part of our brand and market recommendations, we made a critical suggestion: change the system’s name. When we first met, the name was Premier Health Partners, recalling the original business arrangement among individual hospitals that created the system; it had an internal, rather than external to the community.

The suggestion was simple, yet profound: drop the word “Partners,” thus shifting the emphasis from that noun to that of “Health.”

Premier Health – what could be more important in healthcare?