Texas Trust Credit Union

  • Market Research
  • Naming Strategy Development
  • Name Development and Testing
  • In-Bank Lobby Display

The Vought Heritage Credit Union needed a new name.

Created in the 1940’s to serve the employees of the Vought Aircraft Company, the credit union had for years serviced both individuals and businesses that were not affiliated with Vought, and was ready for further, rapid growth. The Vought name was seen as a hindrance to this growth, since many prospective customers ofter assumed (mistakenly) that one did in fact have to be an employee of Vought to join the credit union.

We conducted market research in several expansion markets, and set out on a well-defined naming process, eventually narrowing down 150 candidates to a final three for test evaluation. The name chosen, Texas Trust, suggested that anyone in the state could be a member, and focused on trust, as research indicated that this was perhaps the strongest positive attribute that Vought Heritage CU had developed over the years.

One of Vought Aircraft’s great planes – WWII’s Corsair F-4U